Continent: Upper Guinea endemic

Upper Guinea: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire,

Ghana, Togo

Distribution type: continuous, widespread, distribution range is 1450 km Forest type: very dry forest, savanna. In Ghana, mainly found in South East Outlier forest, but also present in South Marginal forest (Hall & Swaine 1981). In Côte d'Ivoire, found in savanna and secondary regrowth (herbarium).

Timing: not clearly seasonal (Hall & Swaine 1981)

Data sources

FWTA, Hall & Swaine (1981), Aké Assi (1984), Hawthorne & Jongkind (2004)

Guild: np

Life form: irregularly winding woody climber Max. height: 4 m long (herbarium) Max. diameter: data unavailable Leaf: alternate, simple, ovate to elliptic to lanceolate, microphyll (1.5-5 x 4-11 cm), entire, coriaceous, pubescent below, aromatic Inflorescence: solitary Flower: medium-sized (1 cm long); calyx with brown hairs; corolla orange to brown, dish-shaped Fruit: fleshy, several per flower in clusters, globose (1 x 1 cm), orange, with 5 hairy carpels; 4-5 seeds

Seed: data unavailable Other: the twigs are pubescent.


It forms dense thickets in dry areas along roadsides, near the coast, and grasslands.


It regenerates in shade (Hall & Swaine 1981).




Mean Annual Rainfall

Soil CMK

Soil WHC




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