Guild: np

Life form: small to medium-sized tree Max. height: 18 m (herbarium) Max. diameter: 30 cm (herbarium) Leaf: alternate, pinnately compound, subopposite to alternate leaflets, lanceolate, mesophyll (3-5 x 10-23 cm), entire, coriaceous, pubescent on the nerves below; petiole 0.7 cm long, hairy Inflorescence: axillary, branched (panicle, up to 50 cm long)

Flower: small (0.5 cm long); calyx brownish; corolla white

Fruit: dry dehiscent, globose (1.8 cm in diameter), reddish, pubescent; 4 seeds

Seed: large (1.6 x 1 cm), plano-convex, red with an aril

Other: it has pubescent twigs, low buttresses, a brown bark, and a creamish slash. It is barely distinct from T. monadelpha but the tufts of hairs emerging from the midrib appears to segregate it. On this basis, however, there are a few anomalous records (e.g. from dry forest even though the main centre in Ghana seems to be wet forest). Invariably counted as T. monadelpha in the Tropical Shelterwood Plot inventories; a tree of similar form, but slightly larger leaves.


Continent: Upper Guinea endemic

Upper Guinea: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana

Distribution type: continuous, widespread, present in 16 30' cells, distribution range is 1052 km, Red

List species (Vulnerable)

Forest type: wet evergreen forest, secondary forest

Species occurrence increases significantly in places with rainfall higher than 1500 mm/yr (logistic regression analysis, Chi2 test). It is commonly found in disturbed rainforest (e.g. along roadsides, and patches of secondary vegetation). Very often found in wet places (e.g. along creeks, rivers, lake borders, and even in swampy areas). On sandy, clay, and loamy soils (herbarium).

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