Guild: sb

Life form: shrub or small tree

Max. diameter: data unavailable

Leaf: opposite, simple, elliptic to obovate, mesophyll (3-8 x 8-21.5 cm), fairly coriaceous, glabrous; petiole 0.3-1.5 cm long, glabrous; with interpetiolar stipules

Inflorescence: terminal, branched (corymbose), inflorescence axes reddish and densely hairy, sessile or shortly pedunculate Flower: medium-sized; calyx glabrous; corolla white to pink, a long corolla tube (2-3 cm long) with short lobes; very fragrant

Fruit: fleshy (drupe), bilobed, subglobose, somewhat transversally flattened (0.8 x 1 cm); reddish when ripe; persistent calyx; 1-2 seeds Seed: medium-sized (0.7 x 0.8 cm), reddish brown

Dispersal: probably moth-pollinated. Dispersed by birds and small mammals (De Block 1998) Timing: flowering period from November to April; fruiting period from November to February, April, August (De Block 1998)

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