Guild: np

Life form: large winding woody climber Max. height: data unavailable Max. diameter: 18 cm (herbarium) Leaf: opposite, simple, oblong-ovate to ovate, mesophyll (3.5-9 x 6.5-25 cm), entire, coriaceous, when young almost white below, later more yellowish. It can be easily recognised by the small red scales on the undersurface of the leaf. Inflorescence: axillary or terminal, unbranched (spike)

Flower: small to medium; green and white, turning yellow; trumpet-shaped

Fruit: dry indehiscent, round or elliptic (approx. 3 cm), pale green to brown, 4-winged; 1 seed Seed: small (<0.1 cm)

Other: when young it is also found as scrambling shrub. The exudate is colourless sticky and scarce. The wood is yellowish.

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