Data sources

Taylor (1960), Voorhoeve (1965), Hall & Swaine (1981), Alexander (1989), Hawthorne (1995a)

Antiaris toxicaria (Rumph. ex Pers.) Leschen. Moraceae



Guild: np

Life form: large tree Max. height: 51 m (Taylor 1960) Max. diameter: 130 cm (Taylor 1960) Leaf: alternate, simple, broadly elliptic to ovate, notophyll (3-9 x 4-13 cm), entire, coriaceous; leaves of young shoots and saplings densely hairy or scabrous, more narrowly elliptic, and dentate Inflorescence: dioecious, at base of short lateral twigs, male flowers in a puberulous peduncle (0.81.2 cm), female flowers solitary on a pedicel Flower: small; corolla greenish Fruit: fleshy (1 x 1.5 cm), velvety, scarlet; 1 seed Seed: round or ellipsoid Other: a tree with a cylindrical, pale bole, sometimes with buttresses. The bark has numerous large, rounded lenticels, often in vertical rows. The slash exudes a watery, creamy latex, turning brown. Wood density is 0.47 g/cm3.

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