Guild: pi

Life form: small winding woody climber

Max. height: 3.5 m long (herbarium)

Max. diameter: data unavailable

Leaf: opposite, simple, oblong, notophyll (2.5-6 x

7-10 cm), entire, herbaceous

Inflorescence: terminal, not branched (spike)

Flower: small; bright red; 5 petals

Fruit: dry indehiscent, red, 5-winged; 1 seed

Other: when young it can be found as a scandent shrub. The branchlets have long pale green to brown pilose hairs.


Continent: Upper Guinea endemic Upper Guinea: Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana Distribution type: continuous, local, present in 6 30' cells, distribution range is 159 km. It has a small range between southeast Cote d'lvoire and southwest Ghana. Forest type: wet evergreen forest, secondary rainforest, thickets


It is often found in disturbed habitats; secondary forest, forest edges, roadside thickets (herbarium)


Dispersal: by wind

Dispersal: by wind

Data sources

FWTA, Mabberley (1987), Hawthorne & Jongkind (2004)

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