Guild: sb

Life form: medium-sized to large tree Max. height: 30 m (Voorhoeve 1965) Max diameter: 80 cm (Voorhoeve 1965) Leaf: alternate, simple, elliptic, notophyll (3.5-6.5 x 6.5-13.5 cm), entire with dentate apex, coriaceous, with loose cottony hair on underside, very young leaves pale pinkish, two extrafloral nectaries at leaf base; conspicuous stipules Inflorescence: terminal or axillary, branched (many-branched cyme)

Flower: medium-sized, bowl-shaped, cream-coloured, pubescent

Fruit: fleshy Seed: data unavailable

Other: it has root swellings at the tree base. The slash is deeply red. The crown is dark and dense, and the twigs are hairy.

Continent: Upper Guinea endemic. According to Hall & Swaine (1981) it also occurs in Cameroon but this may be a doubtful sterile record Upper Guinea: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana (herbarium)

Distribution type: continuous, widespread, present in 10 30' cells, distribution range is 1141 km Forest type: wet evergreen forest, moist evergreen forest. In Ghana, mainly present in wet evergreen forest (Hall & Swaine 1981). In Liberia, the species is locally common (Voorhoeve 1965).


Found on sandy clay and laterite soils (herbarium).


It can regenerate in the shade (Hall & Swaine 1981).


Dispersal: probably by primates (Hawthorne & Jongkind 2004), and elephants

Data sources

FWTA, White (1976), Voorhoeve (1965), Hall & Swaine (1981), Hawthorne & Jongkind (2004)

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