An Ecological Atlas of Woody Plant Species

Edited by

L. Poorter F. Bongers F.N'. Kouame W.D. Hawthorne

Biodiversity of West African Forests

An Ecological Atlas of Woody Plant Species

Edited by:

L. Poorter, F. Bongers, F.Y.N'. Kouame, W.D. Hawthorne



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Biodiversity of West African forests: an ecological atlas of woody plant species/ edited by L. Poorter, F. Bongers, F.N'. Kouame, W.D. Hawthorne

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-85199-734-1 (alk.paper)

1. Forest plants—Africa, West.

2. Plant diversity—Africa, West.

3. Plant diversity conservation—Africa, West.

4. Forest conservation—Africa, West. I. Poorter, L. (Lourens)

QK393.B56 2004 333.95'3'0966-dc22


ISBN 0 85199 734 1

Printed and bound in Singapore by MRM Graphics from copy supplied by the editors.


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