Guild: pi

Life form: perennial erect herb

Max. height: 2 m (herbarium)

Max. diameter: data unavailable

Leaf: opposite, simple, elliptic, mesophyll (4-9.5 x

13-29 cm), deeply lobed, dentate and spinose, herbaceous; shortly petiolate, without stipule

Inflorescence: terminal, not branched (spike)

Flower: medium-sized (2 cm long); calyx pale green, reddish veined; corolla white, upper lobe with reddish veins, lower lobe with yellow-green veins;

bracts 2-2.5 cm long, hairy

Fruit: dry dehiscent (4 cm long)

Other: an erect almost unbranched herb with a light-green smooth stem.


Continent: Upper Guinea endemic

Upper Guinea: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana

Distribution type: Upper Guinea disjunct, widespread, present in 19 30' cells, distribution range is 1440 km

Forest type: wet evergreen forest, secondary forest


Deciduousness: evergreen

Data sources



Species occurrence increases significantly at places with rainfall higher than 1500 mm/yr (Chi2 test). In moist places of the forest (e.g. by streams or rivers). Occasionally along roadsides (under bush shade) or along cultivated fields (by stream banks). On clayish soils (herbarium).

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