Forthcoming titles in the series

Atmospheric Pollution: an Environmental Change Perspective (Sarah Metcalfe, Edinburgh University, Scotland)

Biodiversity: an Environmental Change Perspective (Peter Gel, Adelaide University, Australia) Climatic Change: a Palaeoenvironmental Perspective (Cari Mock, University of South Carolina, USA) Cultural Landscapes and Environmental Change (Lesley Head, Wollongong University, Australia) Environmental Change at High Latitudes: a Palaeoecological Perspective (Atte Korhola and Reinhard

Pienitz, Helsinki University, Finland & Laval University, Qu├ębec, Canada) Environmental Change in Drylands (David Thomas, Sheffield University, UK) Environmental Change in Mountains and Uplands (Martin Beniston, Fribourg University, Switzerland)

Natural Hazards and Environmental Change (W.J. McGuire, C.R.J. Kilburn and M.A. Saunders,

University College London, UK) Pollution of Lakes and Rivers: a Palaeoecological Perspective (John Smol, Kingston University, Canada) The Oceans and Environmental Change (Alastair Dawson, Coventry University, UK) Wetlands and Environmental Change (Paul Glaser, Minnesota University, USA)

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