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Fuel Cell

Electric Load

Figure 6.3 A series of dispatch diagrams from the model. These show the effect of changing the systems configuration along the efficient frontier. Each figure shows the dispatch of the electric generating devices over a ten day period starting at the 150th day of the year (end of April) serving the projected US electricity grid in 2020. (a) Dispatch of an all gas and nuclear utility system. It simply follows the electric load. Note that in this scenario all transportation is fueled by natural gas (not shown).

(b) Electric generation system with 0.5 TW of gas capacity blended with wind and a tiny amount of solar generation. This is the least cost system of all the model scenarios. The fuel cell is used occasionally to meet the peaks in the electric load. The wind generation often exceeds the electric demand by a small amount to provide energy needed to run the fuel cell.

Power Generation (TW)

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Solar Power

Solar Power

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