This book is an outgrowth of a workshop that was held at the Aspen Global Change Institute during the summer of 1998. Some of the participants in the workshop did not contribute directly to the authorships of the chapters in this book. Yet their contributions to the central ideas of the book were of considerable importance, and I gratefully acknowledge their participation in the lively discussions at the workshop. Their input is reflected in the chapters that appear in this book. Summaries of their presentations at the workshop appear in "Elements of Change" edited by Susan Joy Hassol and John Katzenberger and published by the Aspen Global Change Institute. In particular, two of the conveners whose innovative ideas were directly responsible for the creation of the workshop deserve special thanks. The leadership and creativity of Drs Martin I. Hoffert of New York University and Ken Caldeira of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory were instrumental in the development of the ideas expressed in this book. I am greatly indebted to them.

John Katzenberger and the staff of the Aspen Global Change Institute deserve thanks for hosting this and many other workshops that deal with varied aspects of global change.

I, along with all of the authors, am deeply indebted to Frances Nex, our copy editor, whose skill in finding glitches both large and small have much improved the book.

Finally, I thank Dr Matt Lloyd of Cambridge University Press, my editor, for his patience and persistence during the evolution of this book.

Robert G. Watts Tulane University New Orleans September, 2000

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