It is a pleasure to acknowledge the reviews, comments, and challenges provided on this chapter by Dr. Robert D. Waldron (retired - Boeing/Rockwell International, Canogo Park, CA), Professor John Lewis (Planetary Research Inst., University of Arizona), Professor Gerald Kulcinski (Fusion Power Institute, University of Wisconsin), and Professor Martin Hoffert (Physics Department, New York University). Special thanks is extended to Prof. Robert Watts (Tulane University, New Orleans) and my wife Ms. Paula Criswell (Schlumberger - Geoquest, Houston) for reviewing the chapter and providing extensive editorial suggestions. Appreciation is certainly extended to Dr. John Katzenberger (Director - Aspen Global Change Institute) and Ms. Susan Joy Hassol (Director of Communication - Aspen Global Change Institute) for organizing, participating in, and administrating the 1998 summer workshop on

Innovative Energy Strategies for CO2 Stabilization and documenting the results in the AGCI publication Elements of Change 1998.

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