The Greens

In many countries Green Parties have been established and work energetically to conserve the environment. They have fought often bitter battles against logging companies, dam builders and Governments to preserve the natural environment. Sometimes they have been successful as in their campaign to save the Franklin River in Tasmania; sometimes they have failed as in the case of Lake Pedder. Frequently they have been abused, shot at and attacked by their opponents, and on some occasions the forces of law and order have failed to protect them. No one who reads the book 'Memo for a Saner World' (Brown 2004) could fail to admire their efforts and be horrified at the opposition they have encountered as they fought to preserve the environment in many countries. This book also contains a copy of the Greens Manifesto, and included among many admirable statements that strongly support the renewable energies and condemn nuclear power. As explained in the previous chapter, however desirable the renewables may be, they are simply quite unable to provide the energy we need. So, as nuclear is non-polluting, reasonably safe and economic, it is very regrettable that the Greens are so implacably opposed to it. It is not ever discussed but instead is dismissed as unworthy of consideration. Of all the energy sources, nuclear is the one that least harms the environment, so it is particularly sad that it is regarded as an enemy and not as a friend.

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