For the OECD member countries, the PPPs selected to convert the GDP from national currencies to US dollars come from the OECD Secretariat and were aggregated using the Geary-Khamis (GK) method and rebased on the United States. For a more detailed description of the methodology please see Purchasing Power Parities and Real Expenditures, GK Results, Volume II, 1990, OECD, 1993. The PPPs for the other countries come from the World Bank and CHELEM-CEPII.

For the OECD non-member countries, while both the World Bank and CHELEM-CEPII rebased this year their GDP PPP time series on 2005, this publication shows GDP data on a 2000 basis. Therefore, only for this edition, time series of GDP PPP 2000 US$ were obtained by applying the ratio GDP 2000 US$ to GDP PPP 2000 US$ of last year's edition to the new GDP 2000 US$ figures.

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