CO2 emission trends

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Energy dominates the trend in CO2 emissions, accounting for 80% of the global total CO2 emissions in 2005. About 6% higher in 1970, this share now varies between 90 and 99% in most Annex I countries. Within non-Annex I countries, the energy share in CO2 emissions varies more widely. Indeed, in some African, Latin American and Asian countries, it can be lower than 10%.

Over the 1990-2005 period, total fossil fuel combustion emissions of CO2 increased about 29% worldwide (2% in Annex I countries and 86% in nonAnnex I countries). Emissions from electricity and heat production and from road transport dominated global trends. Between 1990 and 2005, CO2 emissions from electricity and heat production increased by 27% for Annex II countries and by 64% in the rest of the world. Over the same period, road transport emissions rose 29% in Annex II countries and 61% in the other countries. By 2005, these two sectors together accounted for 58% of global total CO2 emissions from fuel combustion. The chapter "The Energy - Climate Challenge" at the beginning of the publication provides a more complete discussion of trends in energy-related CO2 emissions.

In 2005 deforestation accounted for about 8% of CO2 emissions (or about 16% including indirect CO2 emissions from post-burn decay of remaining aboveground biomass). According to satellite observations the share of deforestation in global emissions was about 18% in the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. Since 2000, however, this share has decreased due to rapidly increasing emissions from fossil fuel combustion. In 2005, CO2 emissions from cement production represented over 3% of total emissions worldwide. Between 1990 and 2005, CO2 from cement production increased by about 100%.

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