Actor Analysis

All the actors, and their decisions, describe the whole socio-technical structure and the processes that occur.33 Here we propose to classify actors into various levels, micro, meso, macro and meta. Micro level actors are those that influence at the lowest level, for example, at the consumer level. Meso level actors are those at the intermediate level, that is, in the supply stage. The macro level actors are at a higher level: state and central government, and the meta level actors are at the highest level, namely, international level. Here we develop a model which shows how various actors at the finance (meta), policy (macro), organizational (meso) and consumer (micro) levels influence EE. Modelling helps in identifying the causality as well as its intensity.

Each actor in the field of EE has a specific function and responsibility. However, even without being an active performer, everyone can benefit

33 Reddy and Srinivas 2009.

from the positive externalities of EE. The EE process needs cooperation and common achievement to be completed. Therefore, in order to promote EE-directed decisions, the government needs to establish structures which favour EE-directed decisions. Figure 4.4 illustrates actors in the field of EE from 'macro', 'meso', 'meta', and 'micro'perspectives.

Figure 4.4 Actors' Perspectives

Figure 4.4 Actors' Perspectives

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