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The data sets, the units of measurement and the classifications adopted are in general different in each of the E3 components of the new enlarged model.1 The unit used in the economic model to measure changes in the volume of activity is million pounds at constant (1985) prices, as adopted in the UK CSO's National Accounts and associated data sets such as the Input-Output Tables for 1985; the unit used for volumes in the energy sub-model is millions of therms as adopted for the energy balances in the UK Department of Energy's (now the DTI's) Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES); and the unit for air emissions is thousands of tonnes (of carbon in the case of emissions of CO2) as in the Department of the Environment's Digest of Environmental Protection and Water Statistics (DEPWS).

The units of account and general integrity of each of the data sets in these official statistics have been preserved in the modelling. In general the model has been calibrated on the most recent set of data (1991 for the economic data; 1990 for the energy and environmental data), so that the official statistics on particular variables, e.g. CO2 emissions in 1990, are reproduced in the model solution. The equations for the energy sub-model have been estimated on data from successive editions of DUKES, which have been made consistent with definitions of industries in the 1980 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC). The prices of energy carriers have been estimated as average prices, pence per therm, using the value data in this source.

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