It is the goal that the developed countries take all practicable steps to facilitate the transfer of environmentally sound technologies and know-how to developing countries to enable them to combat climate change [28].

In the Marrakesh conference in 2001 the parties reached an agreement to work together in technology transfer activities considering five main themes:

• Technology needs and needs assessments: identifying and analyzing technology needs.

• Technology information: establish an efficient information system in support of technology transfer and to improve technical, economic, environmental and regulatory information.

• Enabling environments: improve the effectiveness of the transfer of environmentally sound technologies by identifying and analyzing ways of facilitating the removal of barriers at each stage of the process.

• Capacity building: improve scientific and technical capabilities and to enable them to develop environmentally sound technologies.

• Mechanisms for technology transfer: enhance the coordination of stakeholders in different countries and regions, engage them in technology partnerships and facilitate the development of projects and programs.

Since then different groups work on the implementation of these mechanisms. The Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) has the task to assist the Conference of the Parties in the assessment and review of the effective implementation of the Convention. The Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) provides the Conference of the Parties with advice on scientific, technological and methodological matters. The Expert Group on Technology Transfer (EGTT) has the target to enhance the transfer of environmentally sound technologies and Know-How and to make recommendations to this end to the SBSTA and the SBI [20].

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