Team and Resources Budget

Now that the support of the upper/top management is guaranteed and the implementation plan with its methods and measures specified, it is necessary to identify and organize required resources.

First, the energy awareness planning committee has to be enlarged because tasks such as marketing, writing and editing, graphic designing, producing informational materials, workshop and training sessions as well as the program evaluation need additional and expert personnel. The new project members should have participated in the energy audit or have to be informed and motivated at this point. Furthermore, it might be beneficial to decide to use the services of outside consultants, contractors or scientific societies such as universities with research interests, but a core group of enthusiastic on-site people is essential for an effective program. Generally, the entire team has to serve as contacts for any information regarding the energy awareness program and should also act as behavior models practicing energy efficiency. Energy sustainable behavior has to be lived authentically and vividly presented through various communication channels.

There should be at least one specific team member in charge of the management of the facility' s existing communication technologies, including newspapers or newsletters, radio, closed-circuit TV, websites, as well as any specialized methods for communicating, such as staff meetings. This person is responsible for representing the interests of the project as well as initiate and carry out mass media information. Auditoriums and rooms for meetings, information events, workshops and training purposes have to be managed as well so that their availability is assured.

Another important resource is production capability. Due to the methods and measures used in this awareness program, it is crucial to have the facilities and capabilities (either in-house or through a contractor) for producing all types of printed materials, displays, and videotapes. The organization- s public affairs or training offices might be able to assist with many resources.

The personnel and material resources (see below) for the awareness program will have to be financed so that calculations can be done and a budget plan written.

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