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Clients for energy efficiency communication can comprise a wide range of the public, especially some key employees. Actually it is important to get all employees' attention but this is accomplished by getting key personnel involved early and often. These are decision maker managers, engineers, technical and operational staff.

Senior management commitment is fundamental, if concrete actions and projects are to be driven from any energy efficiency program. One of the most valuable aspects of managerial engagement is trustworthiness, so the program may not be seen as a one-off initiative or something that may pass.

Energy efficiency activity is in essence a technical issue and commitment from the technical ranks is also demanding. They are the ones who provide energy monitoring and targeting from data collection, energy balance, analysis, interpretation and benchmarking. From these, standards and expected performance is also set, and the improvement procedures and projects. Technical personnel also perform most of the basic actions to improve energy efficiency, from operational and maintenance best practices to project design and installation. Among them, people should be picked to play critical roles in the energy efficiency program-the energy experts and the program champion or best person. They are meant to be a focal point for communications, resources, actions, programs and training to create conditions for success. Considerations on this position are described later.

General staff and employees' support at all levels of the organization is important to reach its goals. Neither management nor technical commitment alone will likely be enough to sustain the effort over time. Remember that it is a company-wide program and needs cross-departmental cooperation. And each department should have their own first priority, although aligned to the main business strategy, and that might not be linked to energy efficiency. Raising their awareness may at least avoid internal barriers.

The external public must not be neglected. Showing them the company plans, goals and achievements is always a precious occasion to demonstrate willingness and the contribution of the company to environmental and sustainability.

Energy efficiency is a subject related to culture, and the organization should institutionalize it, turning energy improvement opportunities in business as usual and as public image enhancer.

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