Repeated Checks

From the perspective of the customer it makes sense to repeat the energy project every 3 to 5 years. There are different reasons to do that:

• Energy prices change (normally rise) and former C measure from our savings portfolio (see Section 4.5.3) can become profitable A measures considering the new prices.

• Plants will be modified and modernized, new equipment for higher efficiency or higher capacity will be installed; the energy efficiency of the modified process is to be checked.

• The specific energy consumption will decrease with time ifthe energy savings project was successful; this development has to be proved by a repeated energy check.

The effort for a repeated energy check will be of course much lower than for the initial check. All the measures were documented during the energy savings project, the data now only has to be reassessed. New equipment and its interaction with the plant will be considered. The condition of the plant (for instance insulation or possible air or nitrogen leaks) will be checked. The actual process parameters and the status of the control loops will be compared with the values of the initial energy check under consideration of the implemented measures.

Since the effort is low, the profitability of a repeated energy check can normally be easily justified.

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