Raw Materials

In Section 4.3.1 the carbon footprint or, the method developed by Bayer Technology Services, the Climate Footprint was presented. As a part of the result of carbon footprint analysis, the CO2 load of a product caused by the raw materials is delivered. Now the consultant together with the customer will assess that value and decide if an investigation for alternative raw materials, or an alternative supplier for the same raw materials is a way to decrease the footprint. The search for alternative raw materials can of course imply changes in the process, but that has to be checked. In the field of power generation the substitution of coal by natural gas is a big lever to decrease the CO2 footprint of the whole site. Another example is the use of renewable feedstock like sugar for the polyol and polyurethane production instead of polyols produced from fossil resources. Further examples for the use of renewable feedstock are given in Chapter 12.

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