Pure Syngas

One of the methods in which the entire biomass material stream is used, or at least the vast majority (i.e., all organic chemical components), is the complete degradation of the material into volatile gases. Gasification reactors, such as the various pyrolysis designs, enable the production of hydrocarbon gaseous mixtures from biomass material [32]. These volatiles can be burned directly for the production of energy or further upgraded to syngas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide). Syngas is a valuable chemical product in the industry and has a higher associated CED in its traditional production method than energetic systems (approx. 20-30% higher). A yield exceeding 90% energy content can be easily attained using current technology [33]. Continuing with the corn cultivation analogy, at 90% useful product yield, the associated agricultural energy input now set at 2.8-5.6 GJ ton-1. This allows a greater net energy and respective CO2 emission savings potential, especially considering that the yielded products related to at least 14-15 GJ ton- 1 biomass input material.

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