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The aim of this book is to produce an integrated overview of the challenges facing companies operating in the chemical industry on account of climate change and the need for energy efficiency. Yet the two topics-climate change and energy efficiency-are not dealt with separately or simply side by side. The interdependen-cies that exist between the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the cutting of energy consumption in production plants are simply too great.

For the anthology, it has been possible to win a group of scientists with a broad theoretical and application-oriented horizon. This ensures not only methodical penetration of the complex material, it also allows a very precise and detailed description of the technical measures necessary for achieving the environmental targets.

Although German authors took a leading role in many of the chapters, very profound and expert contributions have also been made by scientists from Denmark, UK, Portugal and Brazil.

This reflects the global background of climate protection and energy efficiency, and underlines the need to share and exchange knowledge and experience at a global level, now more than ever.

The scope of the book is, however, broader than normal. CO - reduction and energy savings are not things that just 'happen' by themselves. They have to be prepared, organized and implemented, in other words, they have to be made effective via a management approach. A number of chapters deal explicitly with these important role model functions and managerial tasks.

But what is a book on climate change and energy without a vision and a challenge? The last two chapters are devoted to these topics. The articles on ' Carbon Capture and Storage' and 'CO2-Neutral Production - Fact or Fiction' describe trends and take an initial look at the possibilities for their technical implementation. It shows how fascinating and challenging climate protection and energy supply will be for the chemical industry in the coming decades.

The book is therefore targeted not only at the practitioner but also at the broad community of people interested in being kept expertly and graphically informed about the way to Low Carbon Production.

Progress towards climate protection and energy efficiency is possible and necessary. It is my hope and also my firm conviction that this anthology will stimulate ideas, examples and fresh impetus in this direction.

Dr. Wolfgang Große Entrup

Dr. Wolfgang Große Entrup

Senior Vice President

Head of Group Area Environment & Sustainability Bayer AG

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