Plan and Timeframe Schedule

Since the energy awareness plan has been enhanced through the incorporation of further input from the management (energy audit) as well as through decisions on methods, measures, available resources and budget, it is now possible to specify a schedule. This schedule is based on the preliminary plan, which already has a timely structure (see Figure 3.3) and considers the size of the organization, the scale of the program, and the duration of each individual process, event and measure (see Figure 3.4) . Its purpose is to inform anyone interested about the content and timely course of the implementation program, to keep the work on track, and prevent any skips or missed deadlines.

The schedule should also include events such as Energy Awareness Month and Earth Day as well as take advantage of certain times of the year when particular actions for change are necessary-such as just before heating or cooling season, when reducing peak energy use or saving natural gas may be critical. Adequate time buffer for feedback loops, approvals, deadlines, and other scheduling issues have to be integrated for realistic implementation.

Figure 3.4 Energy awareness program schedule.

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