PCF Methodology 1211 Goal and Scope

The goals associated with the preparation of the carbon footprint should be defined first including the target audience the results are intended for. The scope of the assessment is defined accordingly and describes the system boundaries of the analysis. Example goals for a chemical product are documentation of the overall GHG impact, a comparison of different raw material or sourcing alternatives, a comparison of different production processes or different production sites. The definition of the functional unit is a key element of the scope. As defined in the ISO Standard the functional unit is the quantified performance of a product system for use as a reference unit [9]- For cradle-to-gate analysis the functional unit is mostly a unit mass of the product. For cradle-to-grave analysis it needs to be carefully selected according to the use phase. This is discussed in more detail in Section 1.2.3. For multiple-output processes (MOPs) allocations of emissions are required. If possible the scope should be selected such that these are avoided where possible.

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