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Novartis sees itself as a leader in tackling global environmental problems. The company takes advantage of opportunities to achieve its ambitious energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction targets. Cost- saving opportunities and the increase of overall business efficiency go hand in hand.

Early in the climate discussion, Novartis made a voluntary commitment to reduce GHG emissions globally in line with the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol - that is, a reduction of 5% by 2012 compared with 1990 levels.

In 2007, the company exceeded its annual 2.5% energy efficiency target with an improvement of 7.5%. A new target was established that calls for a further 10% improvement by 2010, based on 2006 figures. In 2007, for the first time, Novartis was able to reduce GHG emissions in absolute terms for both on-site emissions and emissions from purchased energy - despite the continued growth of the company.

Novartis- continued success in energy efficiency is founded on total commitment from top management and highly motivated employees, who fully support energy efficiency projects and carbon dioxide mitigation programs.

A wide variety of measures is helping Novartis to reach its energy and emissions reduction targets. These range from raising energy awareness among employees, to installing best practice technology.

The Novartis Energy Excellence Awards, now in their fifth year, recognize and reward employees who encourage energy efficiency and take initiatives toward implementing renewable or alternative energy technologies. The awards underscore the fact that energy efficiency is good business.

In 2007, the award scheme included 46 projects with potential for more than US$ 40 million in annual net savings by 2012. More than one-third of the projects have a payback time of less than a year - and more than half will repay their initial investment within two years.

To sum it up, the implementation of Novartis' energy and climate strategy results in improved performance with substantially lower environmental impact and enhanced efficiency.

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