Monitoring and Controlling Process Evaluation

The energy awareness program needs to be monitored and controlled in order to guarantee its relevance and quality. Feedback on the program' s effectiveness through focus groups and surveys of employees from all levels should be obtained. This process evaluation can be systematic for example, at mid-course as well as at the end of the program or even better continuously within different phases and interventions.

As said earlier, guiding people to change their habits can be very difficult because of many unanticipated aspects and barriers which could block the process (see also Section 3.2.1-3.3). Thus, even if the energy awareness program is well planned, organized, and executed, some surprises are bound to arise along the way. Due to these unexpected but more or less unavoidable problems and challenges, a mid -course or continuous evaluation is very valuable. If the evaluation were to be only at the end of the program, the discovery that certain aspects of the approach are not effective comes too late to intervene. A mid-course or continuous evaluation within specific phases allows the awareness program to be fine - tuned on time to better achieve the desired outcomes. In addition, resources can be shifted to areas that are working well, while cutting back or eliminating activities that are less effective for a particular plant or organization.

A mid-course evaluation does not need be very time consuming or expensive. Strategic surveys or phone calls, personal interviews, or a couple of informational discussions with the energy awareness planning committee can reveal much about what's working and what's not. If possible, a diverse group should be contacted - both demographically different (men, women, young, older) and from different kinds of work levels or locations/plants. With this thorough process evaluation the quality and state-of-the-art of the energy awareness program can be guaranteed.

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