At the end of the idea generation phase we come up with a complete list of generated measures. Here we reach the Milestone 2 of the project. The main sources for the ideas are, as described, the creativity of the operators, the knowledge of our




Affected utility

Optimize Dryer Operation/cycle time

Optimize Dryer Operation: Time Cycle, Temp. Requirements

Steam / Electricity


Distillation parameter optimization

Do you have constant reflux, no reflux, or stepwise increasing reflux?



Use of reduced amount of Solvent

Reduce amount of solvent acetonitrile

Solvent Reduction


Use of reduced amount of Solvent

Reduce amount of solvent xylene

Solvent Reduction


Reduction of Heat Losses due to better Insulation

Dryer RVD 120 -Overall: Reduce heat losses, insulation?

Steam / Hot Water


Provision of Interlock

Interlock in CHWS Line of Pump 505 to be provided .

Eletricity / Chilled Water.


Provision of Interlock

Interlock in CWS / CHWS Line of Condenser, and Dryer 120°C with Vessel Temp.

Eletricity / Chilled Water / Cooling Water.


Provision of Interlock

Interlock with CWS / CHWS in condenser of 831B with Oxa Temp.

Eletricity / Chilled Water.


Provision of Axuator Valve

Timer in N2 Line of Filter - 119°C - to be provided with actuator valve.

Nitrogen / Electricity


Provision of Interlock

In CW/CHW supply Line of condenser 825, valve to be contolled with Temp of boilinq point (Oxa).

Eletricity / Chilled Water / Cooling Water.


Cyclization Process Time reduction

Reduction in Cyclization Time Cycle with Trial in PID



Reduction of Pumping Cost by increasing AT

Increase in AT of cooling medium to reduced pumping cost.

cooling water / Electricity

Figure 4.11 Example for a list of potential measures from the idea generation phase.

Figure 4.11 Example for a list of potential measures from the idea generation phase.

unit operations experts and the expertise of the energy consultants. Figure 4.11 shows as an example an excerpt of such a list.

At this stage of the project the ideas were not yet evaluated nor prioritized. In this example we see a mixture of equipment optimization ideas (regarding dryer and distillation, points 1 and 2), of operational parameter changes (solvent concentration, points 3 and 4), good housekeeping (insulation, point 5), automation improvements (points 6 to 10) and other more speculative ideas (points 11 and 12).

In the Milestone 2 meeting the list of saving ideas will be discussed with the customer. Not all ideas can be evaluated in the next project phase. Therefore a pre -evaluation with the customer is necessary in order to reduce project costs. Normally some ideas coming from the operators are already in operation and can be neglected in the next phase. In some cases there are constraints, for example due to safety reasons that impede the implementation of measures. These will of course not be evaluated in the next phase. All these ideas are documented for later use.

All other ideas now will be evaluated in terms of technical feasibility and profitability. This is the task for the next phase of the project.

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