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Energy efficiency activities should be accompanied by comprehensive publicity to maintain momentum. This may include regular publications in either corporate magazines or newspapers and when suitable external publications for specific sectors. At the beginning or for particular moments, a campaign newsletter might be appropriate. Appearances and occasional sponsorship at trade fairs and conferences linked to the theme enable the campaign to address relevant audiences, from company employees to public opinion. It also promotes networking with other companies and extends knowledge about best practices from different points of view. Internal seminars help to share program results and experiences, and enhance awareness by advertising information about company efforts.

Placing posters and other exhibits in passage areas or in places where activities are being accomplished, kill two birds with one stone. Spread the word and provide recognition for the area personnel since they become an example to be followed, it is a kind of ' Employee of the month ' picture. The next step is usually that someone is going to ask them how they did it, and they proudly tell their story about the energy efficiency program.

Contests and prizes are options but must be strictly attached to some measurable goal and it is very important to avoid turning them into the main purpose. The targets are the energy efficiency awareness and results; the prize is just a mean to reach them.

Development of a marketing campaign might be an option but beware of collision with other public relations activities. Trying to integrate with existing motivational regular campaigns, like safety, environmental or cost reduction, is always a good call, as it gives muscle to the ongoing actions and usually reduces energy efficiency awareness costs.

A website containing information, free advice, guidance, resources and identification of training opportunities is a modern approach and can be easily updated. Establishment of networks between energy professionals and staff engaged in the program, assists promoting and disseminating best practices.

A successful campaign is not done simply by distributing a few posters and stickers or regularly publishing a brief article in the company newsletter. Such a naïve approach cannot be expected to have a major and continuous impact. Like any advertising campaign, it is important to keep the awareness campaign fresh to maintain its impact. Regularly update and change the material being used to keep people interested in your campaign. Outdated old-fashioned news and figures, hanging on a poster or displayed in a website, spread a very different message. The message is that actually nobody really cares.

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