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This can be the ultimate opportunity for enhanced energy efficiency and least environmental impact. Instead of two separate roles, core and support, the fully integrated design approach can reveal result levels never reached before. How?

Integrating processes from concept, in an unabridged approach for energy, water and all resources, can promote the most efficient containment and recycling of all energy forms involved. This integrated industry should need much less imported energy, after start-up, and since energy transfer will tend to use processes streams, the demand on utilities is minimized. This is the same view expressed in Chapter 9, Section 9.7, but here addressing utilities in general industry.

Small - scale integration has been happening recently but what are the odds? Many barriers appear, like management and accountability, who is in charge of what and who is responsible for what. The biggest one should be complexity. The more integrated are the core business and utilities, the more energy efficiency potentially can be achieved, but in this set, no more easy decisions. The degree of integration has to be set even before design. It is a business decision, tightly attached to company values and vision.

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