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Any enduring and serious task developed inside any company must have support from top management. To achieve real and sound results an energy management program needs to be tailor- made, specifically developed for that organization, to match its culture and core business demands. The first step of initial work is to commit the board of directors and top management and it is essential to initiate and support such a program.

Normally the first priority of top management is for production, economic and financial results and indexes related to regulatory issues, like safety or pollution. If top management is not aware of energy efficiency opportunities concerning potential economic return, avoidance of pollution and increase in competitiveness due to cost reduction, no program will begin. Identifying issues that are important to management helps their understanding that it is a business opportunity and helps to obtain that fundamental commitment.

Once this commitment is obtained it is possible to ask top management to announce to the company that an energy efficiency program is underway and that has sponsorship from them. The second step of initial work is to raise personnel awareness for the program, its importance and the high profile that it carries. Now activities start.

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