Industrial Water

For industrial use, water has to be treated to reduce its corrosivity. This treatment intends to prolong equipment usable life, reduce maintenance interventions and costs, either by repair or replacement, while maintaining the reliability and efficiency of this equipment. These targets can be achieved by treating water to prevent scaling and fouling, controlling corrosion and avoiding eventual microbiological growth. All water demands on the plant for service, cooling or steam generation must be submitted to this first stage treatment.

It is usually called external treatment and aims to reduce the concentration of suspended and dissolved solids, minimize turbidity, color and remove organic material. Water produced in this step is commonly known either as industry or service water. Service water is used as pump and instrument seal water, fire water, sanitary water, make iup to ash and flue gas scrubbing systems and all general purposes. It can be also used for potable water, after chlorination to conform with drinking water standards.

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