Individual and Organizational Change Processes

The implementation of a state-of-the-art energy awareness program with its ultimate goal to reduce energy use through modification in human behavior, concentrates on an increased awareness and behavior change of the individual. At the same time, each employee should also carry through their everyday work as well as social energy conservation into the entire plant or company. With this approach, changes on individual levels can foster the change of an entire organization towards energy preservation or environmental sustainability. The credo is organizational change through individual change!

However, change is a difficult process and people may not wish to change or need good reasons to change (see Section 3.2.1-3.2.6). As said earlier, whoever is required to change should be included in the change process. This means that the particular person should understand why change needs to occur and its importance as well as have an active (participative) part in the planning and execution. Therefore, the following planning of the energy awareness program through a planning committee is a guideline which remains open and relies on information and support from employees of every level.

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