Importance for the Chemical Industry

For the chemical industry, the IGCC process with carbon capture can play a special role. The background is that coal gasification and synthesis gas treatment can be used not only for a downstream gas turbine process to produce power: synthesis gas is one of the basic raw materials in the chemical industry. Coal gasification with subsequent synthesis of, for example, methanol, naphtha, diesel and other products, is already a common method used especially in countries where-for various reasons -abundant coal resources will be used as a substitute for crude oil. The developments for the IGCC power plant with carbon capture and storage now combine coal gasification and synthesis gas production with CCS technology. This means that the use of coal as a basic raw material by the chemical industry is possible without increasing CO2 emissions. In this respect, the development work for the IGCC power plant with carbon capture delivers the basis for how the CO2 must be treated for subsequent transportation and storage below ground. In addition, the development work also supplies the necessary findings for the link-up of coal gasification/synthesis gas production with CO2 transport and storage, which ultimately constitute an interdependent overall system. For a plant from which CO2 is captured, carbon transport and storage represent a special marginal condition that must be taken into account in all operating conditions, like start-up and shut-down, load changes and failures.

Again, of course, the captured CO2 is to be viewed as a possible feedstock for chemical processes. Since the CO2 is ultimately separated using a scrubbing process, purity is especially high, as in the case of post-combustion CO2 scrubbing.

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