The implementation is the core process of the energy awareness program, substantially following the developed plan and schedule with its methods and measures (see Section 3.3.1). Thus far, the plan and content have been developed from the top down but it was also decided, and theoretically as well as practically reasonable, to actively incorporate all relevant personnel. It is very important to extensively inform all employees about the energy issue, the project and their part in it, as well as to solicit information about energy use and possible saving potentials. Especially the staff at the base for example, in production, who work on machines that use up vast amounts of energy, need to be consolidated/incorporated.

The following sections describe the sending of informing emails, the execution of information events and also participative workshops. These interventions complete the pre-analyses on energy matter and finalize as well as lead to the execution of measures such as goal-setting talks, feedback instruments, training, and award programs.

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