Implementation of Energy Awareness in Plants

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Markus Rowenstrunk and Susanne Mutze-Niewohner

3.1 Energy Awareness and Environmental Sustainability 90

3.2 How to Raise Awareness and Change Behavior? 91

3.2.1 Rational-Economic Theory 92

3.2.2 Attitude Theory 92

3.2.3 Behavioral Theory 93

3.2.4 Goal-Setting Theory 93

3.2.5 Theories About Feedback 94

3.2.6 Combination of Methods 95

3.3 Individual and Organizational Change Processes 96

3.3.1 Planning, Organizing, and Preparing the Program 97 Prearrangements and Pre-analyses 97 Energy Audit 100 Methods, Measures and Goals 101 Team and Resources (Budget) 102 Plan and Timeframe (Schedule) 104

3.3.2 Implementation 105 Information Materials and Events 105 Participative Workshops and Specific Techniques 106 Goal-Setting Talks 109 Feedback Instruments and Talks 111 Energy Conservation Training 113 Energy Saving Award Programs 114

3.3.3 Evaluation and Report 115 Monitoring and Controlling (Process Evaluation) 115 Evaluation of Results 116 Reporting of Results and Lessons Learned 116

3.4 Sustain the Effort 117 References 118

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