Good Housekeeping

A wide range of maintenance measures, which generally represent good plant management and operation are covered by ' good housekeeping' . Many of these measures can be realized with no or low investment, but they often require time and manpower. In addition, many good housekeeping measures require regular attention.

When performed on a regular basis, good housekeeping generally also leads to extended periods between equipment replacements, and lower production costs, because proper maintenance increases the reliability and durability of the equipment [1].

Good housekeeping for energy saving includes such activities as identification of steam and compressed air leaks, tuning boiler and furnace burners, checking insulation of the pipes, replacing leaking steam traps, shutting off equipment when it is not required, as well as preventing maintenance on heat transfer equipment (i.e., heat exchangers), and on pumps, fans, compressors, measuring devices, and control systems. A list of recommended improvement measures follows [1] :

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