Goal and Concept of the Bayer Climate Program

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The Bayer Climate Program tackles two issues: setting ambitious targets for the own production and development of climate friendly products and production processes.

Based on the GHG emissions in 2005 Bayer MaterialScience plans to reduce the specific GHG emissions per ton of product by 25% until 2020. At Bayer HealthCare and Bayer CropScience the target reductions amount to 5% and 15% of the absolute emissions, respectively. For these targets, the direct and indirect emissions of GHG were incorporated.

In order to achieve these goals, Bayer initiated (among other measures) the Bayer Climate Check as one of the lighthouse projects in the climate program. Within the Bayer Climate Check, which was developed by Bayer Technology Services, we systematically check in a detailed and comprehensive approach the energy efficiency of more than 100 plants at Bayer sites worldwide. These plants are responsible for more than 85% of the total energy consumption and the GHG emissions of all Bayer manufacturing plants. Above that, the new instrument is used to assess the climate impact of new investments that enable the sustainability targets to be achieved.

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