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Frequency doesn- t offer any special opportunities in itself, but it can be used to improve energy efficiency in pumping and blowing operations driven by electricity. Motors are usually limited to certain shaft speeds when power is supplied at certain frequency. Coupled to a specific service, they will deliver a fixed amount of energy and if the flow has to be controlled, energy is wasted in a throttling valve that restricts flux. However the use of variable frequency drives takes away this requirement of fixed speed and fixed power deliverance.

Variable frequency drives are attractive for use on larger motors enhancing process operations, particularly for flow control, because almost the necessary energy is delivered and valves just act for fine tuning. Concerning high inertia loads, they can provide soft start, decreasing electrical stresses and voltage sags that happen when bigger drives are turned on. Although this option may present some restrictions for use in lower power services, it is an effective and easy flow control alternative that can be used in a wide operating range. Existing motors can be retrofitted at affordable costs and can result in a more efficient operation with reduced costs. Considering its application in all big pieces of equipment, whose power consumption varies with utility demand, like boiler water pumps and draft fans, cooling water pumps etc can dramatically increase energy efficiency and controllability of the whole system.

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