Equipment Check

During the analysis phase and the Milestone 1 meeting we defined the main energy consuming equipment. The energy efficiency of this equipment will be checked now in detail. Together with our experts we developed checklists for standard equipment like pumps, compressors, evaporators, heat exchangers and many more (see Table 4.2).

In these checklists we document the actual operating conditions of the equipment and compare them with best practice and benchmarks. Based on the operating conditions the checklists deliver hints for improvement measures. We observe for example that up to 50% of the pressure increase in pumps is consumed in the control valve or the cooling media flow for heat exchangers is often not controlled and therefore cooling media is wasted. These observations sometimes lead to easily implemented saving ideas. Additionally for special energy consuming equipment we contact our specialists in order to evaluate the actual operating conditions and to come up with saving opportunities. Examples for these special aggregates are spray dryers, refrigeration units or special reactors.

Another source for saving is the detection of thermal bridges or defective insulation. An infrared camera is easy to use and helps to find energy leaks. The repair of the insulation is a 'low-hanging fruit' in our projects.

Table 4.2 Available checklists for standard equipment.








Heat exchanger


Heat pump


Jet mill

Compressed air system



Mixing device

Contact dryer


Convection dryer


Cooling tower

Steam traps


Vacuum pump



All generated saving ideas are documented and evaluated later (see Section 4.5). The equipment check in many cases leads to measures that can be implemented with low or without investment.

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