Energy Baseline and Milestone

The last step of the energy analysis phase for the plant or the site is the presentation and discussion of the data and the graphs with the customer. In this Milestone 1 of the energy savings project the consultant presents the identified consumption data as described in Section 4.3. A typical Milestone 1 agenda is shown below:

1) Introduction

• Introduction of the participants

• Significance of energy efficiency

• Internal employee suggestion system regarding energy efficiency

2) Results of the analysis phase

• Cost structure of the site

• Main energy consumers and recovery rate

3) Discussion of the results of the analysis phase

4) Finalization of analysis phase.

Normally we organize the milestone meeting for every plant. In this meeting the plant manager, plant engineer and foremen are present from the client's side. In some cases we combine the Milestone 1 meeting with the brainstorming session (see Section 4.4.2) . The energy distribution, main consumers, recovery rate and first findings of the project team are discussed. The plant staff has the opportunity to comment on energy consumption data and findings and check the plausibility. It is important to inform the participants of the meeting early enough about the results of the analysis phase in order to ensure sufficient preparation. As a result of the meeting customer and consultant agree on the energy baseline, which describes the energy consumption of the plant before the energy savings project. This energy baseline is necessary for later comparisons and to quantify the benefit of the project. It is crucial for the project success that all energy saving ideas after Milestone 1 are part of the project result. Any discussion as to whether an idea was contributed by the plant staff, consultants or other experts participating in the project jeopardizes the collaboration in the team, its productivity and creativity and therefore has to be avoided. All ideas after Milestone 1 must be brought on the table and are owned by the whole team.

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