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We mentioned before that one of the main targets of an energy savings project is the sustainability and permanency of the savings. Therefore, it is important that the implemented measures will be accepted by the plant staff. We have to avoid for instance that process control loops implemented during a project will be operated manually after a while or that the performance monitoring implemented in the DCS will lose the attention of the plant staff. In order to assure this sustainabil-ity it is of high importance to accompany an energy project by a change project that assures that the operators take an active part in the process. Energy awareness in the plants is a key for sustainable savings. This task has been discussed in more detail in Chapter 3; some highlights will be noted here.

One is the participation of the plant staff in the energy savings process. We already mentioned that ideas brought in by the operators have a high value and should be implemented if possible and feasible. Measures on the basis of operators' ideas will not lose their attention.

Energy has to be integrated into the daily workflow in the plant. A daily energy protocol, created by our reporting tool (see Section 4.6.3), shows the 24-hour average energy consumption of selected equipment compared with the target level as defined by the unit supervision. It is a tool for the unit supervision to push for improvements in every morning meeting and keep energy saving in the operators mind.

Awards like 'idea of the week' can increase the motivation of the operators. We see however that the acceptance of such measures depends very much on the local attitudes and cannot be rolled out globally. An adjustment that takes into account the local mentality is necessary.

Training of operators is necessary to assure that measures will be understood and included into the daily work adequately. An important task of the consultant in this phase is to develop a training concept and training documents which describe the implemented technical measures. The consultant will help the nominated representative of the customer to take over the lessons following the ) train the trainer' concept.

Creation of energy awareness is, like every change process, a very long)erm process. Therefore, the plant manager and the consultants have to accompany the process for at least 1 to 2 years permanently. The continuous realization of measures following the implementation plan (see Section 4.6.1) is a good tool to main tain energy awareness on the plant and to keep energy savings in mind of the operators.

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