Education 9321 Speeches

Spreading knowledge of energy efficient techniques and exhibiting ongoing results is another regular task to keep the program alive. And speeches should be tailor-made for each audience, complying with their language as mentioned previously. But every speech must address some points to make it hit the spot.

It is possible to summarize the points that any speech to any audience has to address in some basic points:

• What are current performance levels?

• Which and where are the potential savings?

First present the findings from energy balances and benchmarking processes. Placing the figures of the refinery among industry peers, nation, state, region, city and comparisons to familiar devices or physical measures helps to evaluate the size of what is being addressed. Secondly show the opportunities. It is important to separate and stress results that may be achieved with simple actions and behavioral change, from those that require investment. This draws a line between the individual effort and the company resource provision. Of course, human resources is always the driver but separating the 'what is up to you ' from 'what is up to us' calls people to their own responsibilities. The third point is specific to the regular audience work. What is that area accountability, where are the opportunities and what can they do about it. At this point display and promote the successful cases, which prove that it is achievable and gives return. For the external public rather than those relating to work, take the chance to advertise the gaps and what the company is planning to do about them.

Focus on the essential for their comprehension; if further details are needed they will ask. Be transparent on both positive and negative aspects, don't try to hide misfits, because if they come out, this ruins all the positive aspects of the message. Use graphs and pictures to make points that would take too many words; remember that a picture paints a thousand words. Launching images, figures and metaphors of common objects and daily standards which the audience know about, gets the message across more easily.

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