Design of Distillation Processes

The competent design of an optimized distillation process can bring significant financial and energetic benefits. The heat integration possibilities are defined in the design phase. Design of a distillation process in industrial practice is usually conducted by simulation studies that require detailed design specifications and detailed thermodynamic properties in an early phase.

Several shortcut evaluation methods have been developed for the fast evaluation of the cost of separation sequences. A review of shortcut methods for distillation is given by Bausa et al. [ 11]. In addition, Bausa et al. developed the rectification body method, which can determine the minimum energy demand algorithmically for non. ideal mixtures with an arbitrary number of components [11].

An economically optimal design of a distillation process can be obtained by rigorous process optimization, where the columns are described by detailed models. The resulting large-scale nonlinear optimization problems are discrete-continuous and are usually solved with mixed.integer nonlinear programming techniques (MINLP). An efficient optimization. based design of distillation processes for homogeneous azeotropic mixtures has been presented recently by Kraemer et al. [12].

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