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China has established various policies and instruments in order to reduce emissions. The Chinese government mainly focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In January 2006 targets were set by the Renewable Energy Law to generate 16% of China's primary energy and 20% of the electricity from renewable energies such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass.

China has set the target to increase its energy efficiency to minimize the environmental impacts connected to fulfilling the further economic development needs of its population. The 11th Five [Year Plan includes a program to reduce energy intensity by 20% below 2005. This implies a reduction of 4% annually. From 2003 to 2005 the energy intensity increased each year and energy growth surpassed economic growth, but from 2006 on this process has been reversed.

On the international level the Chinese government points out that developed and developing countries must work together and contribute to tackling climate change with a special focus of industrialized countries on their historical responsibility.

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