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The first step in the idea generation phase is a brainstorming session with the partners in the plant. Often we combine this brainstorming session with the Milestone 1 meeting described in Section 4.3.6) This procedure guarantees that the plant staff is involved at an early phase of the project. Operators on the plants know their plant very well and normally have many ideas for energy saving. It is important to involve them and accept these ideas if possible. Our experience shows that ideas generated by the operators have a better chance of being implemented in a sustainable manner than ideas imported from outside.

Energy & Utility Supply

Assess efficiency of energy generation and distribution

Raw Materials

Optimize raw material consumption

Heat Integration & Recovery

Check heat integration and waste heat recovery

Equipment Check

Evaluate large energy consumers by checklists

Operational Improvement

Optimize operating parameters and process control

Process Design Improvement

Optimize process design, check application of innovative technologies

Buildings & Facility

Assess heating, lighting and HVAC

Figure 4.8 Fields of energy savings.

A typical agenda for a brainstorming is shown below:

1) Introduction

• Introduction of the participants

• Significance of energy efficiency

2) Brainstorming

• Presentation of the process

• Brainstorming in groups

• Open brainstorming

3) Discussion and pre-evaluation.

Plant managers, engineers and operators will participate in the meeting. Our consultants act as moderators. After an introduction we go through the process and reflect some findings of the analysis phase. Then we form groups, in which the first saving ideas are developed. These ideas will be presented in the plenary session. The first brainstorming in groups serves as a seed phase. Ideas that were discussed in the plant before will come up in this phase. In the open brainstorming we ask for further ideas which are developed by the participants based on the results of the group brainstorming. In our experience the open brainstorming gets the better results, because the ideas are more creative and not obvious. All ideas then are clustered, discussed and pre-evaluated in the group.

Figure 4.8 Fields of energy savings.

The result of the brainstorming session is a pre-evaluated list of improvement ideas. It is documented in the same way as the results of the following steps in our systematic procedure.

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