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Beside pumps, a large part of the industrial electricity consumption is used for blowers. Approx. 90% of the blower lifecycle costs are attributed to the energy costs. In most cases pumps are purchased as manufacturer-configured functional units (housing / impeller wheel / drive and control electronics). With blowers, however, there is substantially greater freedom in the configuration of the components. This enables a high degree of adaptation of the components to the intended use, but at the same time requires the equipment user to devote more time to a consideration of the requirements and options to arrive at the correct specification for the suppliers.

Important improvement measures for blowers are:

• Switch off when not required.

• Consider if flowscanbereduced.

• Reduce pressure drop in piping.

• Improve control concept.

Speed control by frequency converters is the current method for adapting the blower output to the required value in ventilation systems. Components such as throttle valves, pole switching units, bypasses and blade positioning that were previously used no longer satisfy current engineering standards and result in unnecessary energy consumption.

• Replace impeller wheel with one of better flow geometry.

• Replace motor with one that is more efficient (easy with standard motors).

• Replace inefficient drives, for example, belt drives by direct-drive systems.

• Use blowers with high speeds as long as there are no technical or noise protection- related reasons.

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