The concept of availability here is to have access to any necessary amount of a utility, whenever it is demanded, especially in peak load conditions. On design, this can be achieved by extra capacity that can be based on maximum demand on start-up. This assumption may oversize any utility system greatly, probably making it economically unfeasible. Any extra generation or distribution capacity will result in systems bigger than the expected regular demand, which brings an operational tendency that it will be running below optimal point. This option, of course, doesn't comply with energy efficiency.

The best call is to select one most probable peak load and match some redundancy to cope with it occasionally, under controlled circumstances. Dividing this additional capacity among a number of pieces of generating equipment, also matching forecast turndowns and operational modulation of the whole system, can reduce the distance between the optimum design point and the regular operational point, allowing better performance by a good management over the life span of the system.

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